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Saturday Night @ MECA

A workshop series for 13 - 17 year olds

6 to 9pm

$25 per Student


June 28th: Comics and Drawing Games

Get ready to laugh, giggle, snort and have a great time drawing strange things you've probably never even considered drawing before. We will be playing Exquisite Corpse, Sketchaphone, Continue-a-Comic, and other silly drawing games, as well as getting our comic jam on. Feel free to bring a comic you've been working on to get advice or feedback, or use the class to start something new.

July 5th: Zine Machine

Publish your own handmade mini-magazine, a.k.a. a Zine! Your Zine can be a personal manifesto, a comic, a "how-to", an autobiography... anything you can think of to draw or write! We will be teaching some simple bookmaking techniques that can be replicated on the cheap for mass distributions. There will also be a sizable collection of Zines to read for inspiration.

July 12th: Light Painting and Trick Photography

In this workshop, we will be exploring the techniques used make amazing "Light Painting" photographs by capturing the movements of glow sticks and flashlights with a digital camera. To add to the excitement, we will also teach you how to levitate and clone yourself and your friends, with a little help from Photoshop, of course! Bring your own camera or share one of ours.

July 19th: Zombie FX Makeup

Join us for a night of the living dead! Using supplies you can find at the supermarket (and one other special material), we will learn cool monster movie makeup techniques to turn each other into hideous zombies! Bring some old, ripped or stained clothes to complete the look. Expect to get messy-- some materials we will use can ruin or stain clothes.

July 26th: Animated .Gifs

If you've been on the internet pretty much ever, chances are you've seen a funny animated gif image or two. We'll use Photoshop to help us make our own gifs, either drawn digitally, stop motion style, or from a video clip. Please bring a flash drive with videos or images if you have some you'd like to use, and also to save your work.

August 2nd: Giant Origami

Whether you are an origami enthusiast already or just picking it up for the first time, come by for a night of fantastic paper folding. We'll learn the basic folds and how to read origami diagrams. After practicing on a small scale, we'll break out large sheets of paper to make some truly original gigantic origami.

August 9th: Felting

Once you learn how easy it is to turn colorful dyed wool in to awesome soft sculptures, you won't want to stop felting! We'll start with needle felting to make some little wooly figurines, and then move onto wet felting to make luxurious felted soaps. Bring your own special bar if you have a favorite soap, or feel free to use one of ours.

Students must sign up by 4pm the Friday before the intended workshop begins.  Walk-ins will not be accepted. 

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  • Saturday Night @ MECA
    Saturday Night @ MECA

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