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adultweb.jpgContinuing Studies develops programming based on the needs and interests of the community.  Courses are designed for adults ages 18 and older and are offered in a variety of disciplines and formats.  Extended courses are offered anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks.  One day and weekend workshop are offered to give students the opportunity to experience an art form with a shorter time commitment.  

In the adult program, credit for completion of a Continuing Sudies course is offered in the form of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally accepted unit of measurement for individual participation in continuing education courses.  One CEU is issued for ten hours of class participation

Courses begin the week of January 26, 2015.


  • CBA 060 | Decorative Box-Making
    CBA 060 | Decorative Box-Making
    Box making in cardboard is surprisingly easy and the results are stunning. In this one day workshop students will spend the morning learning to cut, construct and glue their own hinged lid box(es) with the opportunity to...
  • CBA 065 | Surface Design for Paper
    CBA 065 | Surface Design for Paper
    In this one-day workshop students will create beautiful papers with techniques such as shaving cream marbling, gel prints, and paste paper. Using various media we'll also experiment with resists, stencils, stamps, sponges,...
  • CCA 114 | Professional Cake Building
    CCA 114 | Professional Cake Building
    Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries... we all have visions of the perfect cake to represent a special occasion. In this cake construction course, students will learn how to make the cake of your dreams. You will see how...
  • CCA 122 | The Whole Pig
    CCA 122 | The Whole Pig
    Bacon, sausages, pork chops, hams, salami, pulled pork, prosciutti, lard, roasts, etc. all come to mind when we think of the pig. But how do we take a whole animal and turn it into the delectable morsels that appear on the...
  • CCT 065 | InDesign Crash Course
    CCT 065 | InDesign Crash Course
    This course will explore the practical basics of Adobe InDesign, the best tool for flyer, brochure, newsletter and publication design in single and multiple page layouts. The software's capabilities and principles of layout...
  • CCT 076 | Illustrator Crash Course
    CCT 076 | Illustrator Crash Course
    The basics of Adobe Illustrator, the vector-based drawing program used by artists and illustrators to create illustrations, logos, and type will be covered. Tools for producing single-page layout combining type and image,...
  • CCT 144 | Photoshop Crash Course II
    CCT 144 | Photoshop Crash Course II
    This weekend workshop will be a continuation of the basics of Adobe Photoshop Crash Course with a special focus on more advanced tricks and techniques used by professional artists and illustrators. Students are welcome and...
  • CDR 073 | Visual Journaling
    CDR 073 | Visual Journaling
    This course engages individuals on a journey that expands mind and thought and explores feeling and intuitive knowing. Investigating, creating and utilizing a variety of journaling techniques and processes, individuals will...
  • CDR 090 | Perspective Workshop
    CDR 090 | Perspective Workshop
    This hands-on, easy to understand study of the fundamentals of linear perspective is for those new to the concept of perspective, for those who always felt like they "couldn't get it", or for any artist who would like a...
  • CFA 075 | Imaginative Geography
    CFA 075 | Imaginative Geography
    Students will investigate ways in which maps are created and used as a tool to abstract spatial concepts, as an instrument for understanding and communicating information, and as an implement of power. Students will be...
  • CID 102 | Interior Decorating Workshop
    CID 102 | Interior Decorating Workshop
    Created for the do-it-yourself decorator, this workshop will introduce the fundamentals of design theory. The participants will learn the basics of interior design, including identifying your own style, lifestyle, choosing...
  • CLA 050 | Playwriting Workshop
    CLA 050 | Playwriting Workshop
    A play can entertain, puzzle, frustrate, provoke, confirm or challenge a worldview. This workshop will supplement the basic elements of playwriting such as character, setting and plot with discussions and exercises around...
  • CLA 066 | The Five Essential Elements of Story
    CLA 066 | The Five Essential Elements of Story
    Compelling stories all make use of five essential elements of story craft. They are inseparably linked and drive the dramatic narrative at all levels of story structure, from scenes to chapters to full story arcs. They are...
  • CLA 098 | Memoir Workshop: Learning To Tell Your Life Stories
    CLA 098 | Memoir Workshop: Learning To Tell Your Life Stories
    Whether you are knee-deep in your personal history or looking for a way to get started, this workshop will give you the tools and guidance necessary to move forward. We'll examine the history and nature of memoir and discuss...
  • CMJ 090 | Metalsmithing: New Ways of Thinking
    CMJ 090 | Metalsmithing: New Ways of Thinking
    The craft of metalsmithing can be intimidating to anyone, if not by the infinite creative possibilities then by the array of available tools. This fun and fast paced two-day class will show students that making objects out...
  • CMJ 109 | Stone Setting: Bezels
    CMJ 109 | Stone Setting: Bezels
    In this one day workshop students will learn to make bezel settings for stones-cabochons. Bezels are strips of fine silver wrapped around the outside of the stone to hold it in place on a piece of jewelry. We will make...
  • CMJ 116 | Knife Making
    CMJ 116 | Knife Making
    This two day class will introduce students to the fun and fascinating world of knife making. Students will make a small utility 'patch' knife with a wrap around tang handle, beginning by forging a blade, hand-filing to a...
  • CPD 070 | Framing Workshop
    CPD 070 | Framing Workshop
    The importance of properly framed work cannot be underestimated for its ability to protect, preserve and enhance your artwork. This half-day workshop aims to demystify the framing process and provide students with an...
  • CPD 071 | Canvas Building Workshop
    CPD 071 | Canvas Building Workshop
    This one-day workshop will teach you everything you need to know about building your own canvas. The benefits include saving money, the ability to customize the size of the canvas to suit your needs and if built correctly,...
  • CPD 080 | Visual Poetics
    CPD 080 | Visual Poetics
    This workshop will explore one's sense of identity and creativity by investigating the power and ways poetry and visual arts can connect and combine to make powerful expressions. Through observation, writing and art making,...
  • CPD 093 | Arts Integration for Artist-Educators
    CPD 093 | Arts Integration for Artist-Educators
    This workshop is designed for Artist-Educators and explores multiple forms of creative expression, (visual arts, music, movement, drama, poetry and storytelling) and their integration potential within the visual arts...
  • CPH 120 | Learning to Use Your Digital SLR
    CPH 120 | Learning to Use Your Digital SLR
    Students will learn to use the features on a digital SLR camera correctly and to their fullest potential. Features such as aperture, shutter speed, exposure control and qualitleis of natural and artificial light as they...
  • CPH 130 | Street Photography
    CPH 130 | Street Photography
    If you've ever seen that imperfectly perfect moment as you walked among strangers in a public place, seen something stranger than fiction or get a kick out of people watching, this may be the course for you. Explore the...
  • CPT 053 | Narrative Collage
    CPT 053 | Narrative Collage
    An introduction to the basic techniques and tools used to make collage and mixed media art, emphasizing working with text to explore personal narrative and storytelling. Students will design and create works on canvas or...
  • CPT 172 | Encaustic Weekend Workshop
    CPT 172 | Encaustic Weekend Workshop
    Encaustic, meaning "to burn in" in Greek, is an art form dating back to the 5th Century BC. Used as a contemporary medium it is a versatile method of painting with a beeswax based paint and a heated palette. This hands-on...

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